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 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)

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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia

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PostSubject: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:10 am

The Show opens up with red Pyrocs Striking through out the arena

The Camera focuses at the Commentary table

Jack:Hello ladies and Gentleman welcome to the 2nd Federation of CWF,WCF.Im Jack And im here tonight with Phill from cwf.

Phil smiles at jack

Phil:thank you Jack im pleased to be here for the Opening of WCF.So Now Ladies And gentleman Are you ready? LETS GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD.

Justin Garcia comes outside with a microphone


The crowd cheers

Justin Garcia:alright now,before we get started id like to thank Viper99 The chairman of WCF and the gm of Endgame for collaborating for my show give him a hand ladies and gentleman.

The crowd shows a standing ovation.

Justin Garcia:And last but not least id like to thank The Assassin For being my Vice General Manager as well please give him a hand.

The crowd shows another standing ovation

Justin Garcia:we have worked really hard on this show to entertain you guys that are pro wrestling fans.anways ENJOY THE SHOW!! OUR FIRST MATCH IS UP NEXT.

Justin then stands in the ring waiting for his opponent

Jack:those guys deserve respect they earned their respect for creating this federation for the fans.I give that a standing ovation...dont u phil?

Phill:you said it jack,those are 3 of the greatest yet remarkable superstars throughout cwf and WCF.

Jack:i agree..first match is the Gm of WCF Showdown Justin Garcia versusing Tychon Landser in a no DQ Match

Tychon landser runs in the ring facing justin garcia


The Bell rings as Tychon moves around in a circle around Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia Then runs towards his opponent Lifting his knee at Tychon landser as Tychon Falls down Justin Picks up Tychon Landser Trying to do a suplex but Tychon puts down his weight and hits Justin Garcia with a Clothsline as justin Falls down hard on the mat Tychon Carries Justin Garcia on his back and falls down on the mat Commiting a backslam as justin falls down towards the mat.Tychon landser tries to throw justin to the ropes but justin reverses it and throws Tychon Towards the rope as Tychon runs towards justin not getting control Justin Throws Tychon behind my back As he falls down hard on the mat.Justin Pins Tychon
Referee:1...2.... Tychon then kicks out. Justin then hits Tychon with multiple punches.Justin picks up Tychon Throwin him to the Turnbuckle.Justin Then Runs and jumps at Tychon but Tychon quickly Dodges as justin hits the turnbuckle now.Tychon then Runs towards Justin to hit him with a Clothsline as justin falls on the floor.Tychon Rises on the Turnbuckle while justin stands up dizzily as Tychon jumps raising his arm BUT QUICKLY JUSTIN KICKS TYCHON ON THE FACE AS HE IS KNOCKED DOWN.Justin then goes on the floor from the Exhausting action as the Referree counts

Referee:1.........2........3.......Justin grabs on to the ropes trying to stand up while Tychon wakes up on his knees 4....Justin then gains Control of his weight and Stands up while tychon is still on his knees.Justin then runs towards Tychon and hits tychon with a Runnning Knee wash.Tychon then falls back down on the floor.Justin then stomps on Tychons face as tychon gets knocked down again. Justin pins Tychon
Referee:1....2..... Tychon then kicks out.Tychon then stands up with justin behind him.Justin locks Tychon in a Headlock and slams his head on the mat EXECUTING A HEAD CRUSHING FINALE.Justin then pins Tychon

The Bell Rings as Justin Taunts to the crowd


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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia

Posts : 16
Join date : 2011-06-06

PostSubject: Re: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:26 am

Jack:wonder who its gonna be

Phill:lets find out

Justin looks at the titantron looking for the first draft pick

the titantron shows with mixes of wrestlers appearing.After 23 seconds it shows the WCF logo swinging by as it reveals the first draft pick is BLAZE!!!


the crowd goes wild

Blaze comes out in amazement and taunts at the crowd holding a Endgame Logo shirt as the pyros come striking

Justin and blaze then leave the ring.
Phill:Congratulations blaze welcome to Showdown.next match is D&D vs Blaze and MASK-Arade

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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia

Posts : 16
Join date : 2011-06-06

PostSubject: Re: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:38 pm

The bell rings as Death enters The Ring facing Blaze who has entered the ring as well.Death Runs Towards Blaze to as he jumps towards Blaze but then blaze quickly dodges as death hits the floor with little Impact.Blaze Picks up Death Upwards his arms and throws him down at the outside of the ring as Death Gets Harder Impact from the Drop.
Dash Magnum helps Death get up as the referee starts counting.
Referee:1.......2.......3........4.......Death then gets in the ring.Blaze takes a run at death but Death dodges and hits him with a Cutter as blaze gets knocked down.Death Pins Blaze as the ref Starts Counting
Referee:1.....2.....Blaze Easily Kicks out of the Pin.Death holds blazes arm as he heads towards Dash.Dash tags in death and as he goes in the ring he sends his knee on Blazes stomach as he falls down hard.Dash puts his Arm on the left shoulder of Blaze locking his leg on his other leg now and Thrusts his back backwards as Blaze falls down hard once again.Dash pins Blaze as the Referee counts
Referee:1....2.....Blaze raises his shoulder up.Dash Throws Blaze towards the Turnbuckle and places him up the turn buckle.Dash then climbs up the turnbuckle placing Blaze on his armpit but blaze quickly punches dashs Stomach as dash Releases Blaze.Blaze then Kicks Dashs Face as Dash Falls down on the mat.Blaze gains control of his balance as he is about to jump off but then dash jumps up to the turnbuckle and kicks Blazes skull as he falls down knocked down.Blaze then pins dash as the referee counts.
Referee:1....2.... Blaze kicks out.Dash picks up blaze but then blaze Slaps dash as he tags in MASK-Arade.MASK-Arade Quickly Jumps and Kicks Dashes skull but then Dash Dodges it and punches MASK-Arade in the face.Dash places his arm under Mask-Arades head and trips his leg on the floor and sends Mask-Arades Head on the Mat Executing a GUNSLINGER!!!! Jack:OH MY!.Dash magnum then picks up Mask-Arade and Flips him on the ground holding his leg uptight Executing a Rollup as the Referee Counts.

The Bell rings as Dash and Death man hugs and Taunts at the crowd from the turnbuckle

Ring Announcer:HERES YOUR WINNER D&D!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes wild

Jack:That was a good match for Death and Dash now its time for the 1st draft pick for Endgame

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Join date : 2011-06-06

PostSubject: Re: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:59 am

phil: alright, let's see the first endgame draft pick, who are they gonna get from showdown

*a camera shows the titan tron with lights flashing across random superstars faces*

*the light stops on michael hensons face and brings him on the titantron*


*michael henson comes out and puts on an endgame shirt*

Camera cuts to commercial

Camera comes back to show michael landcaster and elfuerto in the ring

RING ANNOUNCERv the following contest is a submission match

Bell rings

El feurto and michael landcaster tie up in the middle of the ring, el fuerto takes michael down with a headlock takedown, michael landcaster kicks el fuerton in the head and kips up, michael landcaster runs towards el fuerto and tries to hit a clothesline but el fuerto trips him, el fuerto gets michael in a ankle lock, el fuerto wrenches on michaels ankle, michael reaches for the ropes and grabs them, michael landcaster gets up, el fuerto runs towards michael and tries to hit a running enziguri, michael dodges the enziguri and throws elfuerto over the top rope, michael gets out of the ring ...1... michael gets el fuerto up and hits his head on the barricade ...2... michael gets el fuerto up and runs him into the barricade ...3... michael throws el fueto back in the ring and gets back in, el fuerto kips up and does a pele kick to michael, el fuerto gets on the top rope, el fuerto jumps off and hits michael with a moonsault, el fuerto gets michael up off the mat, el fuerto gets michael up on his shoulders, michael slides off behind el fuerto and hits a reverse DDT, michael gets el fuerto off the mat and puts his hands on his head, el fuerto slaps michaels hands away and superkicks michael, el fuerto goes on the top rope, el fuerto hits a split leg moonsault on michael, el fuerto gets michael off the mat, michael gets out of el fuetos grasp and gets him into a leg lock, el fuerto is about to tap, el fuerto gets to the ropes and grabs them, el fuerto slides out of the ring, michael landcaster does a suicide dive over the top rope, el fuerto moves out of the way causing michael to land on his ribs on the barricade, el fuerto gets michael back in the ring, el fuerto gets back in the ring, el fuerto does a leg drop on the back of michaels head, michael holds his neck, el fuerto. gets michael up and hits a hurricanrana onto the rope, el fuerto stands on michaels back and starts choking him on the rope, michael falls off of the ropes, el fuerto jumps on the middle rope, michael pulls on the middle rope causing el fuerto to fall, michael slowly gets up, michael gets el feurto up, michael hits the reaping on el fuerto, michael goes towards el fuerto and tries to get him in a leg lock, el fuerto reverses the leg lock and gets him in a boston crab putting all the pressure on the ribs, michael is screaming in pain, michael finally taps out

El fuerto gets up and goes out of the ring to celebrate with the fans

RING ANNOUNCER: here is your winner, EL FUERTO!! Now it is time for showdowns second draft pick
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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia

Posts : 16
Join date : 2011-06-06

PostSubject: Re: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:32 pm

the titantron is seen with mixes of WCF wrestlers


The WCF then swishes towards the right of the titantron and EL FUERTO is Revealed on the titantron

the crowd cheers loudley


El fuerto comes outside the ring as he taunts to the crowd as he wears a showdown shirt as he leaves the ring

Jack:welcome to showdown El fuerto congratulations.Next match ladies and Gentleman is Wrecking Ball vs The Jester WHAT AN EXCITING MATCH COMING AFTER THIS BREAK.
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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia

Posts : 16
Join date : 2011-06-06

PostSubject: Re: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:55 pm

The Camera is shown at wrecking ball in the ring with the jester

Jack:we are back from break ladies and gentleman wrecking ball taking on jester right now.

the bell rings as Wrecking ball and jester circle around the ring
They each lock themselves up on their shoulders as Wrecking Ball Gains the control.Wrecking Ball turns jester around and grabs the jesters stomach with both hands and throws him from behind as The Jester gets hit hard on the floor.Wrecking ball picks up Jester by his skull and throws his head back hard on the mat as Jester gets unconcious.Wrecking ball pins the Jester as the referee counts
Referee:1....2....Jester then kicks out of the pin.Wrecking Ball then picks up Jester as he puts him on his shoulder but then Jester kicks his feet trying to dodge his attack as he goes on the ground on his feet and hits him with a reverse ddt as Wrecking ball falls on the hard mat.Jester then picks up Wrecking ball and throws Wrecking ball towards the turn buckle.Jester then lets out a maniacly laugh and charges towards Wrecking ball holding his arm out.Jester then hits Wrecking ball with a Clothesline as wrecking ball falls on the ground.Jester then pins as the referee counts.
Referee:1....2... Wrecking ball lifts up his shoulder.Jester then comes up towards the Referee as they both argue.Wrecking ball then comes up behind Jester leaving Jester unnoticed of his stealth.
Jack:OH GOD JESTER TURN AROUND. Jester then turns around as Wrecking ball tries to hit him with a AK-47 But then Jester ducks and hits Wreckingball with a swinging neckbreaker.Wrecking ball then gets up slowly as Jester runs towards the ropes and dashes towards Wrecking ball hitting him with a running dropkick as wrecking ball hits the floor once more.Jester then pins Wrecking ball.
Referee:1...2..Wrecking ball kicks out of the pin.Jester then walks backwards towards the turnbuckle getting ready to do his finisher as he taunts at the crowd.Wrecking ball gets up slowly as Jester runs towards him But Quickly Wrecking ball picks his foot up and hits it on jesters face EXECUTING AN AK-47 Wrecking ball then pins Jester.
The Bell rings as Wrecking ball gets up taunting at the crowd.

Phill:what a good match by wrecking ball as for Jester as well.
Ring Announcer:HERES YOUR WINNER...WRECKING BALL!!!!.And here is Endgames 3rd draft pick.
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PostSubject: Re: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   

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6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)
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