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 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)

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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia

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6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show) Empty
PostSubject: 6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)   6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show) EmptyThu Jun 09, 2011 11:26 pm


Welcome to Showdown

1.Justin Garcia vs Tychon Landser(No DQ match)

1st Draft Pick from Showdown

2.Tag Match: D&D vs Blaze and MASK-Arade

1st Draft pick from Endgame

3.Michael Landcaster vs El Fuerto (submission)

2nd pick from showdown

4.Wrecking ball vs The Jester

3rd Pick from Showdown

5.The Assasin vs Ares

3rd Pick from Endgame

6.Eddie Harford vs Dash Magnum

4th pick from showdown

7.Michael Henson vs blaze Lucas

5th pick from Showdown

8.10 man elimination(Brand Vs brand for final Draft pick) Justin Garcia(Showdown),El Fuerto(Showdown) MASK-Arade(Showdown) Dr Voodoo(Showdown) Blaze(Showdown) vs Viper99(Endgame), XxXBeastXxX(endgame),Michael Henson(Endgame), Tychon Landser(Endgame),Wrecking ball(endgame)

Final draft pick for Endgame

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6/11 Showdown and Endgame(Draft Show)
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