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 Tychon Lysander(TFK)

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Tychon Lysander

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PostSubject: Tychon Lysander(TFK)   Tychon Lysander(TFK) EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 10:07 pm

Tychon Lysander is a throwback to the Spartans of ancient Greece, and his raw power and athleticism show it. *will add to the bio as I go*

Finisher: Greek Fire (Tychon Lysander lifts the opponent up on his left shoulder like in a front powerslam, and wraps his right arm around the opponent's neck, and the left arm around the opponent's torso. The wrestler then sits down while flipping the opponent forward to the right side of him, driving the opponent neck and shoulder first into the mat)

Entrance song:
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Tychon Lysander(TFK)
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